Chapter 67 – Our Insurance Policy

James Hogg and I board the 8am Edinburgh train, providing two hours briefing on the Dean of Guild Contract. 

“I have let the team proceed with minimal supervision from me.”, admits James. “This is a tough test, whilst setting up the Edinburgh office.”

“James, why do you think I have given you this?”, I asked.

James’ eyes widen with the realisation dawning.

“To compete with Cary & Fortis, we need to manage contracts in cities, where we are not based?”, said, James. 

”Exactly! However, this would have been a risky strategy. Your challenge is an acid test for future expansion.”, I said.

James grins, “I look forward to that gilt-edged letter.”

We disembark, laughing, in Edinburgh Waverley and walk to 81-83 Princes Street: Life Association of Scotland Office, where their remarkable buildings clearly outshine the competition.

“This is David Rhind’s magnificent facade, with the lower floors and mezzanine designed by Charles Barry.”, explained James.

“Interesting coincidence, I am going to London to visit the Palaces of Westminster this week.”, I said.

We walk in and sign the insurance documentation for the Edinburgh office.

“James, I will visit our new office on my return.”, I said. 

I warmly shake his hand and head to Waverley. I am off to London for a football match in the world’s most populous city.


———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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