Chapter 64 – Granville Football Club

The Thompson & French working week is done. Each day’s labour ran late into the evening, where the candles were burnt to their wick’s end, along with the staff’s morale and humour. 

Last evening, we headed to a birthday celebration of forty years. Emilia’s friend hosted a grand dinner in the North British Hotel, where a lavish display of food, wines and spirits were consumed.

The calendar declaring Saturday 7 October 1871 and Glasgow’s Granville Football Club are playing us. David Wotherspoon’s assiduous drive has created this competitive match: a much-needed boost since the Airdrie affair.

Both teams meet at the Recreation Ground with their Club Secretary making great haste towards David.

“We require six players from the Queens Park’s ranks or the game will not proceed.”, he said worriedly.

Fortunately our numbers have swollen with a “Second Eleven” instituted and captained by William M’Kinnon.

“Not a problem.”, said David and the temporary player transfer is completed.

Both teams take the field. The previous night’s excess courses through my veins, however these opportunities are limited and I need to maintain a first team place. This gauntlet is laid down in my head and I play my part in a typical Queens performance, dispatching Granville by One Goal and Two Touches to nothing.

The victorious Queens march on. Time for home.


———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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