Chapter 63 – Emilia Anne Ure

The extremely busy summer of 1871 has concluded. I spent this week reviewing both Glasgow and Edinburgh’s operations, with Robert making excellent progress in Edinburgh, however, James’ progress in Glasgow is becoming deeply worrying.

James and I discussed the threat from Cary & Fortis and the importance of success on the Dean of Guild Contract. There is no room for delay, mistakes or failure, as we compete to uphold our reputation, as Glasgow’s finest cartographers.

This Sunday is for rest, recuperation and family, where I sit in the garden admiring my fortune. Emilia, my wife of 11 years and mother of our three children,  has been at my side through the greatest and darkest moments of Thompson & French, whilst in parallel, allowing me to indulge in my passion for football. 

Highs and lows are common in Emilia’s wider family, especially her cousin, Isabella. She visits us on 17th September, an anniversary where comfort is required from her closest family. Only two years prior, her husband John, one of Glasgow’s greatest shipbuilders, died prematurely. Emilia was exceptionally kind, considerate and fully supported Isabella through the darkest period of her life. 

The day of rest is completed with Emilia and I checking the children before turning in. I always cherish these special moments, as I never know what is going to happen tomorrow.


———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-


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