Chapter 62 – Airdrie’s Handling Request

David and I head into the drawing room, where frustration and anger boil over. 

“Airdrie challenged us to a game on 22 June 1871, which we duly accepted, and forwarded our match rules.”, said, David.

Airdrie’s challenge generated a lot of excitement, nullifying the growing frustration from the lack of external opposition, with only 5 matches in 4 years. The challenge, from Scotland’s second provincial club, was a much-needed boost.

“They requested the deletion of the rule prohibiting ‘use of hands’ or they will not play us. I have spoken to Henry Smith and Robert Gardner, and they have stuck to our rules and cancelled the match!”, said an exasperated David. 

I pour David a neat shot of Bowmore whisky, which is only consumed in special circumstances.

“Are there any other teams to challenge?”, asks David.

“There is a Kilmarnock team, formed by cricketers who wanted a winter sporting pursuit, and a Stranraer team, who play matches on a Wednesday, as it is a half-day in the town.”, I said. 

“We need to search them out.”, said David, “Should we fail to find fresh and mettlesome rivals, the enthusiasm for the sport might prove to be of short duration.”, said David, quoting our President.

“Well, there is no time like the present to find a solution.”, I said.


———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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