Chapter 58 – Post Match Report

I depart the Athens of the North on the Glasgow train. The mighty English came to conquer and instead return home with a message: Scotland is a force to be reckoned with.

The titans of Scotland’s Rugby Football Clubs, West of Scotland, Edinburgh Academicals, Merchistonian, Glasgow Academicals, St Andrews University and Edinburgh University, proved themselves magnificently.

Glasgow Herald’s page five proudly states: “FOOTBALL MATCH: England v Scotland”. I chuckle as it is squeezed into column eight, shared with Births, Deaths & Marriages and a preview of the upcoming Biggar Stakes.

My inspired mind turns to Robert Smith’s letter on the Kennington Oval matches between Scotland and England.

‘These games use the best Scottish players living in London and chosen by the Football Association. Imagine if we picked our own team?’

What if? What a challenge? What a spectacle?

Home at last. I walk up Moray Place and meet my neighbour, Alexander, in his garden. The master builder listens patiently to yesterday’s events.

In the evening, whisky in hand, I sit in front of the fire. Thompson & French has firmly placed roots in two magnificent cities to take on Carey & Fortis. 

Queens Park has joined the Football Association, where there is discussion of a novel idea: creation of a Football Association Challenge Cup.

The stage set. The flags unfurled. Onward we march.


———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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