Chapter 52 – The Business Junction

In 1865, I decided to remove an expensive middle man and build our own Print Works on Princes Street. This building is located close to the Etna Foundary on Lillybank Road and Govan’s Chemical, Brick and Gas Works.

An early inspection is always a concern for my Site Manager, Alexander Campbell. His sweat is visible as I examine every inch of the premises. I leave him with my suggested improvements and walk the short distance to Eglinton Toll.

Robert McLeod stands waiting. His cigarette billows plumes of smoke into the frosty air.

“Good Morning Robert,” I said.

After a nervous pause, Robert replies, “Good Morning.”

I note his attempt to cloak his disappointment, however his body language is uncontrollable. We walk the 2½ mile proposed route of Glasgow’s first tramline and we reach St George’s Cross.

“This is your opportunity to excel, Robert,” I explain, “trams will transform the city and provides a new network of opportunity. Innovate and challenge every aspect of our design principles.”

With a firm shake of his hand, I leave him. I will need to carefully watch him.

I disembark my carriage at Queen Street Station and find James Hogg.

James asks, “Where are we going?”

“The Athens of the North,” I said.

James’ smile is ear to ear. We head for the 1215pm train.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-


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