Chapter 47 – Decisions, Decisons, Decisions

The journey home is filled with one important decision. In future, I will look back with perfect hindsight and decide whether I was right or not.

Glasgow Town Council is building its newest transportation system and we are mapping the first route. First impressions are key to securing future contracts. In the other hand is the Dean of Guild, where we will map Glasgow South. My principal aim is to eclipse Carey & Fortis and extinguish their ambitions within our city.

Both of my Chief Lieutenants have made pitches for these accounts. Robert’s plan to take on Carey & Fortis shows promise and combines youthful drive and eagerness. James’ careful, studious and prescriptive attributes would prove our great qualities to the Guild.

However timing and patience is key. We need to learn Carey & Fortis’ principles, method and people, whilst within our city boundary. In parallel we need to push boundaries for the Town Council and stay ahead of the competition for future contracts. Where is best to deploy bravery, eagerness and willpower? When is it best to select wits, experience and knowledge?

The train pulls into Queen Street Station, signalling an end to an arduous journey. I head to the Western Club and swirl my favourite Mortlach whisky in the glass. I settle on the answer. Tomorrow I will let them know.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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