Chapter 41 – Day of Rest

Sunday is a needed day of rest and spending time with the family. We head to the United Presbyterian Church for the Sunday service and sit in our usual pew, located two from the back. 

The Thomsons sit in front of us; Alexander and Jane; both devout in their faith. This has been thoroughly tested having lost five of their twelve children: four claimed by a cholera epidemic and one claimed by a house fire in Laurieston. Losing one child must be heartbreaking but losing five is a tragedy of epic proportions. The thought makes me squeeze Arabella a little tighter. The Thomsons are later in life but what a life Alexander has led. He is inspirational in every way and a man I revere.

“The right of worship is paramount” explains the Minister. His sermon updates us on our missionaries living in Pittsburgh, United States. They have built a church for worship, a school offering education and a hospital providing for the sick. The sermon’s message is simple and reminds us of the importance of a strong community.

Over the last two days my body has been exercised and the soul soothed; ideal preparation for tomorrow’s meeting at the Dean of Guild. Here we will finalise our new contract and signal the start of our biggest work to date.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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