Chapter 35 – Evening Delight Awaits

The hardest of working weeks is over. All the preparation and planning will be richly rewarded tonight. The last item is a gift for Emelia, encompassing my heartfelt gratitude for supporting me through these difficult times.

I venture to Scotland’s first indoor shopping arcade. One of John Baird’s finest creations using Parisian style architecture. The finest jewellers have lined Argyll Arcade since 1827 and has a great array of fashionable designs. I decide on an enamel swallow brooch. A fitting piece to cherish.

The clock strikes 7 times. Emelia is wearing an elegant evening gown. I hand her the leather box and her eyes light up. The brooch matches perfectly. Our final preparation is walking our children to our neighbours, Alexander and Jane. 

We climb into our carriage and head for the Baronial Hall. We head along Pollokshaws Road, Main Street and reach South Portland Street. This street overlooks the Clutha and has Glasgow’s first pedestrian bridge named after it.

Our evening commences with a warm greeting from the Master of Ceremonies, our Club President, James Grant. The hall is warmly lit and the orchestral ensemble provides the background symphony. I am ecstatic to see the Smith Brothers and shake Robert’s hand. Robert is our guest of honour.

The President calls the tables to raise their glasses. “Ludere Causa Ludendi”.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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