Chapter 31 – Winter Is Coming

A great winter chill has arrived from the East. Additional layers fend off the piercing blades of wind. This day is called Advent. In Latin it means “Coming” and signals the start of celebrations towards Christmas. However there is another event in greater proximity.

I hurry along Buchanan Street. The other members of the Sub-Committee are waiting patiently at the Western Club. One week to go to the Conversazione and the pressure is mounting.

The latest guest list is read out and double checked. The catering requirements are finalised and confirmation will be sent on Monday. The evening programme is very promising with a series of speeches filled with amusing tales of our first three years. 

A number of ladies and gentlemen have congregated and will entertain us with a musical performance. We are delighted one of the ladies has a regular act at the esteemed Britannia Panopticon.

Our Poet Mr Smith will regale his greatest works including his legendary poem published after the Hamilton Gymnasium victory. Finally the cultural history of football will be explored with great debate and discussion.

After a very lively meeting I head home. The grandfather clock strikes just the once. Emelia and the children are in bed. The fire crackles and a Speyside whisky provides much needed warmth. An evening to remember awaits.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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