Chapter 29 – An Unrivalled Experience

My wife Emelia rises early. We have hardly slept. Arabella, our daughter, was up most of the night waking her two brothers constantly. Her distress is a real concern. Eyes heavily laden I guiltily head to work. 

Glasgow is a tumultuous city. On a high, it’s buzzing with roaring industry and pulses with invention. On a low, it’s a never-ending soul search of despair. The poles of poverty and wealth are starkly apparent.

Our club is a sanctuary. Everyone is on the same field and play by the same rules. It provides equality, inspiration and enjoyment. Our team dares to dream and people watch enjoying the moment. Our future is vital.

Tonight the Committee meets to discuss the letter from Robert.

South Norwood, 21 November 1870

Dear Committee,

Sincerest congratulations! You are the first club to send a representative for the Scotland team. It’s a tremendous honour. I have written copious notes, which I have appended.

The Association Rules are used however you cannot handle the ball, excepting the goalkeeper. Strangely they only ‘dribble with the ball’ and don’t fashion for high or long kicks.

Alcock’s men were the victors by 1 – 0. They have huge ambitions and are well organised. I implore you to show our continued interest. This is the future of football.

Yours faithfully

Robert Smith


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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