Chapter 28 – Letter From London

London, 20 November 1870

Dearest friend,

I am so glad that you alerted me to the great game. I headed to the match at Kennington Oval, a cricket ground established in 1845 and the venue for this fascinating contest. Alcock captained the English side and your friend Robert duly took his place in the Scottish line up.

I must convey Robert’s impressive display. His dashing style clearly demonstrating the footballing heritage and training at Queens Park. Unfortunately for Scotland on this occasion, England were the better team winning 1 – 0. However if more Queens Park players had been available, I believe the result would have been somewhat different.

I managed to introduce myself and congratulate Robert after the game. He is an intriguing character and his full account will be with your Committee shortly.

At home my father’s architectural practice is extremely busy. We design the magnificent buildings, which will one day feature in your maps. We are delighted our greatest design of the new Glasgow University building at Gilmorehill has finished construction this month. There is only one project in the United Kingdom larger in scale: the rebuilding of the Palace of Westminster.

London is a thriving commercial and cultural metropolis. We look forward to your visit.

Pass on my fondest regards to Emelia and the children.



——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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