Chapter 27 – The Great Opposition

Our cartography business is prospering. Established in 1861, Thompson & French is growing like the great Glaschu. 50 years ago Glasgow had a population of some 200,000 souls. The velocity of change is staggering and is nearing 500,000 at the last count. This human expansion provides the beating heart of the city. 

Glasgow claims to be the Empire’s second city. Our cousins in the East think differently. Edinburgh has been the capital since 1437. Deference is expected. Although they suffered greatly since being declared bankrupt in 1833. A city which over reached itself and ran up staggering debts. Duncan McLaren, a man from Renton, Dumbartonshire has been restoring their fortunes.

There is a growing cartography business in this revitalised city. Over recent years we have met head to head. Carey & Fortis, based in George Street in Edinburgh’s New Town, has become our great contender. 

I sit in my office. The rain bounces in the street on this cold November night. The fire flickers and throws much needed heat from the corner. The clock strikes 11 times. Our tender is submitted tomorrow. We know they will be bidding. The question is how low will they go. 

Scotland play England on Saturday. A smile reappears on my tired face. I wonder how Robert will get on against this newest and potentially greatest opposition.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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