Chapter 26 – The Brothers Smith

Robert Smith is requested to be Queens Park FC’s sole representative in the upcoming match against England. He is one of my great friends and I cannot talk about him more proudly. A man of great ambition, who confidently strode off for London last year to make his new path. A fearsome forward player and proud Committee member helping steer the club through its formative years. Robert, along with his two brothers James and John, demonstrates the family values within the club.

James is chosen to send the request to his brother. The modern choice of communication is the telegraph: an invention changing the world. The Cooke & Wheatstone system is fascinating and has sent 6.8 million telegrams across the country last year alone.

The following week I head to 22 Eglinton Terrace, where the Smiths lodge. All 3 brothers have stayed here along with William Klinger, the first Secretary of the club. He also left for London last month and something tells me James is eyeing up the move also. In James’ hands there is a telegram. He proudly reads it aloud. “I will be playing against England”. 

We toast Robert’s good health with a Speyside malt. “Robert you are one of the principal props of the club”.

I look at the calendar. 10 days to go to the Oval.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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