Chapter 25 – A Golden Invitation

I hurry home from work. There is a Committee Meeting tonight. When I arrive the discussion is ear-splitting and our President brings the meeting to order. The Secretary reads out the letter again and our brains spin through the possibilities.

I have read up a little on the English game. Like Scotland they have a proud history of football where local rules developed, including Cambridge and Sheffield. However this changed with Ebenezer Morley. Morley’s meeting in 1863 brought together a dozen London clubs, which duly formed the Football Association and developed what became a definitive set of ‘Association’ rules.

We discuss our options. Firstly we only have 16 days. It was impossible to travel to London with this notice and at such great expense. A clever solution was proposed for Robert Smith to be our representative. Robert was an original Committee Member, a great friend and had recently moved to London. He was still playing at South Norwood.

The Secretary had a further surprising proposal to join the Football Association. All our hands go up in approval. Queens will now have a representative in this upcoming game and be the first Scottish Football Club to join the Football Association.

The match is 16 days away. There is so much to organise. But this night will change our club forever.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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