Chapter 24 – England v Scotland

The world stops. I read the letter not once, twice or three times. I read until every word is learned. “Sir, will you allow me a few lines in your paper to notify Scotch players that a match under the above title will take place in London”. 

Inspired choice by Charles Alcock, Secretary of England’s Football Association, to send this to the Glasgow Herald. Luckily the Editor published it. Good fortune I have read it. England challenges Scotland to a match under their Association Rules. What an opportunity!

Alcock’s remarks will stick with me forever “Scotland, once essentially the land of football, there should be still be spark left of the old fire”. I am instantly drawn back to the Foot-Ball Club, hailing from Edinburgh and the glorious title of being the world’s first Football Club. 33 years prior to Sheffield Football Club, England’s claim to this title.

The date is set for Saturday 19th November 1870. 16 days to go. Distraction rains in my office. Thompson & French is buzzing with activity, major deadlines approach however this is secondary to what is going through my head.

The letter is carefully cut out. The rest of the Committee must be informed. We must write back. Queens Park Football Club must be represented. Who knows where this historic game may lead?


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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