Chapter 23 – An English Invitation

The day after the paper chase. Thanks goodness today is the day of rest. My Sunday best include waistcoat and jacket buttoned high up my chest; a starched and stiff shirt collar, turning the tips down. The neck tie fixed and my hair middle parted. Fashion options have exploded since Isaac Singer’s sewing machines were introduced to the department stores of Argyle and Buchanan Street.

Our place of worship is Queen’s Park United Presbyterian Church on Langside Avenue. My neighbour Alexander’s fourth church has a famous Indian styled belfry claiming the exterior centre-piece and complimented by Daniel Cottier’s exemplary interior of stencilled wood panelling and stained glass. This creation of beauty soothes the soul. 

Wednesday evening is our next match against Hamilton. Our game kicks off in a swirling wind. Memories of aching muscles and limbs are quickly forgotten. The play is fast and we furiously set about our visitors. William Keay scores two fine goals and followed up by a third strike by James Little. Hamilton return home again without a consolation goal.

A cold wind greets 3rd November 1870. Thursday morning starts with a  train journey to the South Side Terminal. I flick through today’s Glasgow Herald and find a letter from Charles W. Alcock. It is simply entitled ‘England versus Scotland’. Excitement pulses through my veins.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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