Chapter 22 – The Paper Chase

Hampden Terrace overlooks Queens Park Recreation Ground. These beautifully appointed apartments provide the backdrop to our grounds. Saturday 15th October provides a new challenge for us. An eight mile paper chase through the beautiful hills, rivers and fields of Langside and wider Renfrewshire countryside.

John and I were elected the hares for today’s battle. Our pace, agility and stamina are widely proclaimed throughout the club. An eager pack of seven pairs of hounds await to give chase. The Cathcart Turnpike Road is the first part of the journey, part of the Renfrewshire Road Trust, leading from the Gorbals to Kilmarnock. It’s the main artery into the city from the South.

At precisely 4:30pm we set off. 10 minutes later the hounds are released. The route is particularly hilly towards Clarkston Toll, by way of the bridge at the Snuff Mill. The return takes us through the Pollok Estate, Haggs Castle and back over Camphill to finish.

John’s time of 55 minutes is impressive, whilst I was 63 minutes. The hounds never caught a glimpse of us with the quickest being 54 minutes. Our average time of 58 minutes for all shows our investment in fitness is repaying us hugely.

We are delighted to hear our efforts will be in the Glasgow Herald on Tuesday. Another copy for the collection.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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