Chapter 19 – Trains & Ships

Glasgow. The Empire’s Second City. Building ships that keep the Empire conquering the seas and oceans of the planet. Every 5th ship produced in the world is Clyde-built. However the train holds an even greater statistic. An unsung hero in my eyes. Ships capture land and lock their entry. Train opens them up to travel, communication and supplies. Every 4th locomotive in the world starts in Glasgow, powering the empire across the continents of the world.

These are very important statistics for the work we do at Thompson & French. We are filling in details improving people’s knowledge with our maps and atlases. Our shipping charts are particularly in high demand. Faster ships are being brought to sea but maps make all the difference. Government may no longer be handing out prizes for solutions to navigational problems but it has led to an abundance of new information for our maps. Our collection grows and our prominence with it.

The working week has been particularly busy and I find my way to the Queens Hotel, opposite the magnificent George Square. I order a whisky in the bar, quietly reflecting on the week and then head for the train. 

Tomorrow is match day. Hamilton Gymnasium will bring 15 men eager to settle the score. Will the run continue? My fingers are crossed.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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