Chapter 18 – A Family Affair

The wall calendar proclaims Tuesday, 20th September 1870. September in Scotland is where the evaluation of the summer is completed. Was there one or not? A few days or one of the finest? Agreement concludes a fine summer where the football has matched it.

I fasten on my running and kicking machines. These boots have steel toes to the front, long laces and ankle support. Metal tacks on the bottom provide stability on the playing pitch. They are heavy, durable but double in weight when wet. Our armour secured we march out onto the field as a legion of hardy warriors. 10 Airdrie men await.

David stands beside me. He is one of the Wotherspoon brothers, John and Thomas being the other part of the family dynasty. The father, a baker from Hamilton, is proudly watching from the sideline. David is a great player with pace, agility, two footed and a first class kick.

The game kicks off. Airdrie is out for revenge from their 4 – 0 defeat in June. However their enthusiasm quickly subsides as we score three touch downs, one by Smith and two by David. Grant, our Goalkeeper, has the smile the size of the Clutha with no goals scored against him. Our next match is Saturday against Hamilton Gymnasium. I wonder if they took our advice.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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