Chapter 16 – Honours of Scotland

The station fills with steam. Engine whistles play out unique melodies welcoming us to Scotland’s capital. Built on seven hills like the great cities of Rome, Jerusalem, Mecca and Athens. Blackford, Braid, Corstophine and Craiglockart are lieutenants compared to the Generals of Castle Rock, Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat. 

Castle Rock is our first destination. The Royal Castle proudly stands atop this extinct volcano and bestows its grace on the city below. A true tartan fortress with imposing and impregnable walls. We venture up Castle Esplanade. 

Boom! What a fright! The gentleman opposite sees our horrified faces. He gently calms us and explains the city’s newest innovation: the 1 o’clock gun. Ships in the Firth set their maritime clocks by it, before venturing out into the world’s oceans. We thank him for the explanation, grab each other hands a little tighter and speedily head into the castle. 

From shock to awe. The Honours of Scotland, more commonly known as the Scottish Crown Jewels, are proudly displayed. The highland lass stares in wonderment at these exceptional and majestic gems. Delight shines on her face. One of her lifelong ambitions is achieved.

In life there is balance. One destination for my good lady and now one for me. I have recently read about a footballing legend. Our next destination is Dalry Park.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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