Chapter 14 – QPFC v Drummond

191 Ingram Street. Original grounds of the Virginia Mansion, owned by Andrew Buchanan. One of the Glasgow tobacco lords of which Glassford, Ingram and Dunlop were his brethren. Buchanan’s private residence made way for the Union Bank of Scotland. Rebuilt into an exceptional building by one of Glasgow’s foremost architects David Hamilton. 

I stand and wait patiently, surrounded by elaborate and rich decoration. I am called forward and our account with Anchor Line is duly settled. The rewards for our map creations are safely deposited and signifies the end to another busy week.

Saturday, 9th July is game day against Drummond Football Club. This squad of Perthshire youths were enticed to the city by stories of streets paved with gold and ambitions to become the merchant princes of tomorrow.

16 men stare at 16 men. Drummond’s legion swelled by two pupils from the Deaf & Dumb Institute to fill their ranks to the agreed requirement. They play under the colours of Drummond Castle and caps are clad in Drummond Tartan. A ferocious team signified by a tripping and charging game, which is no match to the likes of Wotherspoon and Smith. Scoring one goal and one touch between them. 

An epic physical battle of brawn, brains and skill. On all counts we shone through maintaining our undefeated reign and clean sheet.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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