Chapter 13 – Mapping The Globe

The world is truly enormous. You only see a glimpse during a lifetime. Our job at Thompson & French is creating beautifully detailed maps of its streets, buildings, roads, train-lines, canals, bridges, mountains, seas and oceans. Our clients range from the Post Office, Anchor Line, Glasgow University and Glasgow Town Council.

It has been a busy day and has been all consuming. I sit in my office and look for inspiration. Hanging on my wall is a nod to the Greek philosopher and original map maker Anaximander. The great man produced the world’s first known map. Over in my bookcase I find a copy of the first atlas ‘Geographia’ by Ptolomey. Those clever Greeks used latitudes and longitudes to chart the known world over 1700 years ago.

I chuckle to myself. My motivation restored, I quickly return to the day’s business.

The newly installed mechanical presses are hard at work. It’s a new age. We have adopted the latest advances in map production and our mission is simple. Thompson & French – the best map makers in the world.

It is an exciting parallel to what is happening on Saturday where Drummond Football Club are coming to play us. My fellow Queens Park brethren are mapping out the best way to play football and we are getting better and better at it.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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