Chapter 11 – Thriving Glasgow Sport

It is the year of our lord 1870. Queens Park FC is now in its 3rd season. I was discussing the club’s first two years with Mr Gardner our Captain and Mr Black our President. Our playing nights of Mondays, Wednesday and Saturday are vibrantly attended and members enjoy the various athletic sports we offer.

There is much competition and choice for Glaswegians. Clubs for bowls, tennis, cricket and football are opening at an exponential rate in the local area. We agree that the notices given to both the Glasgow Herald and the North British Daily Mail by our poet, Mr H.N. Smith has kept the public informed of our story. This has been essential in building our reputation.

The world is changing all the time. We were reading today that the mighty Glasgow Golf Club will be moving into Queens Park. It has a prodigious history and is the 9th oldest club in the world. Only clubs such as Royal Burgess, Royal & Ancient and Crail have more years. The Glasgow Golf Club has been completely reinvigorated and its move from Glasgow Green has been in the newspapers. We will warmly welcome our newest neighbours.

It is great to see the local area thriving. Sport is the cornerstone of the city. It is exploding with enthusiasm for outdoor recreation.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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