Chapter 10 – The Journey Home

We bid farewell to the Spirit of Islay. The Firth of Clutha waters now conquered, the City of Glasgow beckons.

The banks of the Clyde are our nation’s greatest asset. It thunders with rivets hammered by the hundred and thousands of flat caps swarm around the looming steel structures. These ships are stamped with ‘Made on the Clyde’ and travel across the globe every day. Fairfields, Govan, Dennys of Dumbarton and John Browns rule the shipbuilding world.

We berth at the Clutha docks. The city is a different place to Islay with noise deafening and smoke filling our nostrils. The streets throng with people, horses, carts and carriages.

We head home to Moray Place, our beautiful tree-lined avenue. Alexander is its design master. His architectural imagination rivals the finest of the century including Playfair, Telford and Gilbert-Scott. We wish him a good afternoon as we head into our home.

At the club, discussions have been held on holding athletic sports. Mr Grant is keen to recognise our Highland roots and the club has purchased two hammers of different weights and a 16lb ball. In his own words “these will prove valuable auxiliaries to maintain interest in the club”. Tomorrow we are heading to the Recreation Ground and celebrate Queens Park FC’s 2nd birthday in our own unique style.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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