Chapter 9 – Glasgow Summer Time

The game against Hamilton Gymnasium has driven a rich enthusiasm throughout the club. The players and committee are delighted to see the match report in the Glasgow Herald. We shared it with all our family. The feature called out all the players from our ranks including Messrs Leckie, Wotherington, Grant, Hetherington, Spiers and Smith. They are all beaming with pride. Our creation is making news and we are up to 40 members!

Mr Smith’s poem is a wonder. We have made lots of copies to share and sent one to Hamilton. As the President says we need “to stimulate and rouse them to better action in future”.

Summer is finally here and we are heading to the islands. We depart from the Clutha docks and head into the Firth of Clyde. It is a long and winding journey past Isle of Arran. We navigate around Campbeltown and the Arygle peninsula towards Port Ellen. Once docked we make our final journey across the island to Bowmore.

The air is filled with peat smoke. The island’s “Fàilte dhachaidh”. The Bowmore village faces Loch Indaal and has the oldest distillery on the island. The whisky it produces has become famous. Windsor Castle bought a cask from it in 1841. If it is good enough for Queens, then it is good enough for us.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

2 thoughts on “Chapter 9 – Glasgow Summer Time

    1. Thanks Logan. I am glad you are enjoying it. If you are Chapter 9, then there are another 246 chapters so far. The blog or the book evolving will finish at 365. Hope you continue to read it. Fascinated to hear what people think of it. Cheer Graeme


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