Chapter 8 – Hamilton Gymnasium v QPFC

Game day on foreign soil. A place you have never been. A pitch you have never played on. A team you have never met. The nerves are jangling. Would they be better than us?

Mr Black, our Admiral, with a never say die attitude, was having none of it. Men you are Queens Park, he said. Go out and play everything we have taught each other and we will win. Play like the wind and you will have your victory.

The local church bells sound in the distance as we kick off at 3pm. Our enthusiasm is overflowing. It has been so long between games. The ball could be “fisted” but not “handled”. We finish the game victorious with 4 goals and 9 touch downs to Queens with the opposition not recording one score.

Our poet Mr H. N. Smith is on hand to write a poem of 21 verses. It encapsulates our victory. We honour his wordsmith! My favourite line is ‘Helter-skelter on they pelter’. Forever it will now be placed in history reincarnating the victorious Queens Park in a match. The Glasgow Herald plans to publish this masterful work on Wednesday. We cannot wait to read all about it.

Confidence is overflowing. We can’t wait till the next game. We are off to the City to celebrate!


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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