Chapter 6 – QPFC v Thistle

The grandfather clock strikes 8 times. It’s Saturday in squally Strathbungo. If only it was like last summer. The only bright spot in the sky is the warm glow from Dixon’s furnaces.

Our club has existed a baker’s dozen of months. We practiced regularly and searched for another team to play against.

The Glasgow rugby teams were not interested – Glasgow Academicals and West of Scotland. Our rules are different. Finally on Monday, Mr Klinger received a friendly challenge from Thistle hailing from Glasgow Green – Europe’s oldest public park.

We moved quickly to get this organised on Queens Park Recreation Ground. We are now lined up on the 200 yard field of play with 20 men on each side. Mr Clark, our Captain, had been clear. Dribble with the ball until kicked off it. Catch it, don’t carry it. Whatever you do, always pass it.

Windy rain is coming down in buckets. After a goalless first hour we swap ends. Thistle kick off from the centre based on our idea to make it fair. The Davidson brothers are phenomenal. Mr Weir scored two fine solo goals.

We win 2 – 0. Our first club match! Our first victory!

It has been an adrenalin packed day. We’re off to celebrate in the Western Club to have a fine ending to a victorious day.

——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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