Chapter 3 – The Morning After

The morning after the night before. I hardly slept. My head was racing all night. When I got home I told my wife. The highland lass patiently listened to the evening’s events. The conversation ended with a delightful kiss on the cheek, a smile and a cup of tea before turning in for the evening. She knew our world had changed forever.

We all have experienced it. You can go to bed but your mind is in a whole different world. My new footballing world. Tossing and turning. Dreaming. Thinking. Excited. 1am. 2am. 3am. Every hour was counted by the gentle chimes of the grandfather clock in the hall.

A new day dawned. I strode out of my house on 2 Moray Place. I have only recently moved into this new build set of apartments in bustling Strathbungo. A marvellous fete of design from my neighbour Alexander. He is a true genius of our time.

I am off to work. The great Glasgow, Barrhead and Neilston Direct Railway provides my mode of transport. I get off on the South Side Terminal in the Gorbals and cross over the Clyde. I head up Hope Street to my office. The cartographers, Thomson and French. That is the day job.

I am more excited about Saturday, when our band of brothers meets again.


——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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