Chapter 2 – The First Meeting

Eglinton Terrace, situated perpendicular to Queens Drive in Glasgow, is a microcosm within the second city of the largest empire on the planet. Queen Victoria rules over these lands, where the sun never sets. In direct contrast, our local park is named after another royal, Mary Queen of Scots, and lies within a famous Scottish battlefield, Langside.

Glasgow contains nearly a million people, condensed into a few square miles, where everyone you meet has a story or two to tell. 

Tonight marks a special occasion, where my band of brothers are discussing our latest idea to form a football club. Many of us hail from Speyside, which resides within the valley of unrivalled malts and conjures the essence of Scotland, combining fresh air, clean water, beautiful landscapes and Scotland’s ‘water of life’.

The grandfather clock strikes 8:30pm in a room above Dick’s Bar, where the chatter has been endless, amongst our group of thirteen. Lewis Black chairs the meeting and asks a straightforward question: ‘what do we call ourselves?’. 

The table erupts with suggestions of “The Northern”, “Morayshire” and “The Celts”, however, James Grant proposes an alternative, due to its proximity to our new headquarters. 

The vote closes and endorses his suggestion of ‘Queens Park Football Club’, whose mission will ‘provide recreation and amusement to all of its members’.

——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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