Introduction – Scotland, Invention and Football

Football, Futbol, Fotboll, Footboru, Soccer.

This sport is watched or played by 3.5 billion people. Football is everywhere through Newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, TV and Radio. 90 intoxicating minutes of drama and is now so big you don’t notice how big it really is.

In 1800 there was not one single football club. No agreed rules and nowhere dedicated to play. 

What changed? It was made ingenious. Open to all – male or female; play it or watch it. Football drives hope, accomplishment, ambition, envy and ego. Scarfs, strips and hats declare your allegiance to a sport which creates and shapes our history.

Many countries will lay claim to its invention. That debate will never be won. I am going to talk about its innovation in a whole new way. The pioneers of the modern game have been forgotten and it’s about time that changed.

The first words of the story will ensure you continue chapter after chapter, mapped out through the eyes of one man. 220 words of writing presented, 1 minute of your time required to devour the greatest story rarely ever told and 365 episodes to maintain your interest for a year.

The first words…..

‘Tonight at half-past eight o’clock a number of gentlemen met at No. 3 Eglinton Terrace for the purpose of forming a football club’.

——————————————          © Graeme Brown 2018          ——————————————-

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