Introduction – Scotland, Invention and Football

Football, Futbol, Fotboll, Footboru, Soccer.

This sport is watched or played by 3.5 billion people, dominating newspapers, social media, television and radio. Ninety intoxicating minutes of competition, which many believe is the axis our world revolves around.

In 1800 there was no single football club and no stadium to watch it in. What changed? This sport became ingenious and open to all: male or female, driving hope, accomplishment, ambition, envy and ego. Scarfs, strips and hats declare your allegiance to a sport creating and shaping our history.

Several countries claim football’s invention, which is a fruitless debate. This story maps football’s most influential innovators, who became the grand architects of modern football. The Scotch Professors are missing from football’s history books, and it’s about time we herald their legacy.

This book maps out the development of modern football through the eyes of one man, beginning in 1867. This story contains chapters of 220 words, requiring one minute of your valuable time, and includes 365 chapters, which will maintain your interest for a year.

The most important minute in modern football is in Queen’s Park Football Club’s Minute Book:

‘Tonight at half past eight o’clock a number of gentlemen met at No. 3 Eglinton Terrace for the purpose of forming a football club’.

Enjoy. This story will blow your mind.

——————       © Graeme Brown 2018         ——————

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